You got our Planner? What's Next - Word of The Year, Bucket List, Wish List and Vision Board


The next section in what I call the warm up section of this planner, is Word of The Year. What is this? Why do I need to choose a word? In a nutshell your Word of The Year act as a theme or mood for that year. It also acts as a reminder and a positive cue for you take the necessary actions to help you fulfil your goals.

How do you choose your Word of The Year?

There is not hard rule that you need to follow in choosing your word of the year. What I would recommend is take some time to reflect on the past year, what was good, what was not so good. Think about what you would like to improve or change? List a couple of words that reflects how you feel and find the one that resonates with you the most. Choose the word that positively motivates you. Write down your chosen word, the meaning and why you chose the word.


Next is your bucket list and wish lists. Write them down!! 


Lastly is the vision board. There is not hard rule on what you should put on your vision board, but I would strongly recommend that you go through your yearly game plan, wish lists, and bucket list and reflect what do you want to achieve on the vision board. Keep this vision board in your planner or make a copy and paste it on the mirror. This vision board will act as a visual motivational tool. When you are having a tough day at work, just flip to the vision board page to get a dose of motivation.


And..... You're done with the warm up section of the planner, and is ready for 2022!