You Got Our Planner? What's Next? - Year in A Glance and Yearly Game Plan


Now that you have purchase our planner, what should you do next?

First, is to take a picture and show it off in your social media!! Don’t forget to tag us.

Ok let’s get serious.

Give yourself a pat on your back as you are one step closer in your journey towards a productive year.

The first section of the planner whether you purchase the Original or the Standard is what I call the Warm-up section. As you can see the planner starts of with a 2022 year in a glance spread. What I would like to encourage you to do here is to highlight important dates for yourself for 2022. It could be public holidays of your country, your observances, school holidays and special dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Highlight the dates and make full use of the space below each month. I recommend using different colour highlighters for different occasions. Example, blue for public holidays, pink for wedding anniversaries, yellow for birthdays.

Once you’re done with this, take a break and grab a cup of tea because this next part will take some time.

Have you got your cup of tea? (or coffee)

Now let’s move on the Yearly Game Plan pages. There are 5 pages in total for 5 goals.

Do you need 5 goals to use this planner? No, you don’t need 5 goals. But it sure doesn’t hurt to have extra pages for when you feel inspired anytime throughout the year.

First is to write down your goal. Write it as big as you can!! And say it out loud too.

Then, ask yourself, Why is this goal important to me? Take a deep dive into your mind and soul and understand why is it important to you? What made you chose this particular goal?

Next, find out if there are any resources that you need to achieve this goal? Such as do you need an exercise equipment if your goal is to be healthier or do you need to attend a Masterclass if your goal is to learn a specific skill.

After that, start breaking down your goals into achievable targets. Use the quarterly target table as a timeline on what you want to achieve on a specific month. The table will act as a timeline for your goals.

Make use of the blank space in the Yearly Game Plan page to scribble down your thoughts, brainstorm or even do mind map.

Now that you have completed the Yearly Game Plan page, give yourself around of applause. Congratulations!! By writing it down and planning it out, you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Stay tune for more tips on how you can maximize your 2022 WRITEOSAURUS Planner.